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Englefield Village Hall

Englefield Village Hall is a registered charity no. 1194350 which is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated by the Charity Commission. 

The charity was formed on 6th May 2021 and operated under a formal Constitution which may be found here.  

Other information, including our accounts and details of our trustees may be found on the Charity Commission’s website.

In summary, the aim of the charity is to run the village hall for the benefit of the residents of the parish of Englefield or for the wider public at large in the interests of social welfare of and with the object of improving the conditions of village life for the residents of Englefield Parish. 

The charity is administered by trustees who delegate certain functions to the committee, upon which the majority of the trustees serve. We are all volunteers from the local community who give their time to support our fantastic Village Hall. Our backgrounds range from project management, politics, teaching, estate management, building surveying and sports journalism. 

Members of the Committee

  • Trustee & Chair Duncan Rands
  • Trustee & Secretary Edward Crookes
  • Trustee & Treasurer Olivia Macey
  • Trustee & Village Hall Co-ordinator Lynn Dennison
  • Trustee Hilary Latimer
  • Trustee Liz Wirth

We are committed to continued development of our Village Hall as an amenity for the residents of Englefield and for the benefit of its external users. As a charity, we are heavily on volunteer effort, fundraising efforts and donations and any help is gratefully received. 

We meet approximately bi-monthly, and hold an AGM which is open to residents to attend.